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Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers – 2-Way Speakers with Built-in Wall-Mount Bracket – Perfect for 5.1, 7.1 or 11.1 Side/Rear Surround Setup – Pair – Needs Amplifier or Receiver to Operate

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Passive bookshelf speakers Connect directly to your amplifier or receiver with these passive bookshelf speakers. Use standard speaker wire to connect the P17 passive speakers to your receiver or amplifier.Great for Front, Center, or Surround Speakers These passive speakers come as a pair perfect...

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I bought these to use as near field monitors. I'm driving them with a Fosi Audio TDA7498E amp. I ran pink noise through them, then used a flat mic and RTA to get a frequency response curve. They need a little EQ boost in the mid-range, probably around the crossover frequency, but the low end and high end match Edifier's specs. I challenge anyone to find speakers sounding so flat and full in this price range.
I was looking for a replacement for my Micca MB42x for rear surrounds in my home theater and I was hoping these would fit the bill.Pros:* Front-ported for placement near walls* Look really nice* Decent bass extensionCons:* Extremely inefficient, I'd estimate the efficiency at around 80~82 dB / W* A ton of cabinet area is "wasted" by the trim, making the cabinet not as large as it could be for its physical size.Ultimately, I decided to stick with my Micca MB42xs, as the P17s reached only very slightly deeper, but were significantly less efficient.
First, I just want to say that I'm COMPLETELY happy with my purchase! I got much more for my $$ than I really expected. I've been an "audiophile" (OK, self-proclaimed) for many years and outside of a couple pairs of another brand of speakers (start with a 'B' and one pair I've had since 1982!!) I've never been as satisfied with a pair of speakers. I've spent a LOT more money but these babies are simply awesome. Setup was a snap (what's so difficult about setting up a pair of bookshelf speakers???) and I was enthralled with the first notes they produced. Shoot, these would be a great buy at regular price! But since I got them for 30% off, I'm really loving them!! Seriously. Great speakers, nice and heavy, solid as rocks, clear highs, nice "moving" lows. They're the perfect speaker for some great jazz like Oli Silk. They're a perfect speaker for my study. I've been watching and waiting for the opportunity to purchase these and now that I have, I'm thinkin' I shoulda done so a long time ago!!Thanks for the great speakers!! And Amazon, thanks for offering them at such a great price!Happily Listening...

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