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Oraolo M91 Bluetooth Speakers, Waterproof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, 24W Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic, 20 Hours Playtime Outdoor Speakers

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Superb Crystal Clear Sound: Oraolo M91 bluetooth speakers deliver distinct mids and highs through 2*12W full range precision acoustic drivers. There is also a passive speaker on the back side to enhance powerful bass effect. M91 Bluetooth speaker born to provide the room filling stereo...

User reviews

 This Bluetooth speaker exceeded expectations. I measured it at 117.5 decibels at max volume which is crazy. Fills up my whole apartment well and could definitely be used for indoor or outdoor parties as well as any other type of listening. Really happy with this and it sounds pretty good with all types of music. Definitely would recommend to others!
 This speaker is very good. The bass is definitely powerful. But somehow when I play Odesza... the bass is all I can hear. That’s a little drawback with the sound quality. The price is great. I received it within one day. The black color is what I like. The design is also my taste. The battery works great. It can last 7 hours.
I have two other small bluetooth speakers. One for my office, one for me bedroom. I bought this Oralo maily for outdoors. After few weeks using it, I am very happy with this purchase. For less than $50, this is a steal! Here is my summary of this speaker.1. It is loud, very loud. You will be impressed.2. It is bigger than typical home bluetooth speaker.3. It has a handel to carry, which is very convinient to carry outdoors.4. Sound qaulity is amazing. Although for some music, the treble maybe not great, but it is good enough.5. It is water proof. I didn't test this. But the build quality canl tell you that water spill will not destroy it.I am very happy about it. Highly recommend.

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