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How to Grow Your Business With Sales Funnels eBook


The main value of a sales funnel is that it encourages you to think in terms of building a real business. Many people get involved with internet marketing with a short-term view, perhaps even a “get rich quick” attitude. This is, unfortunately, encouraged by many ads and programs that promise instant results. A sales funnel, however, is a business model that forces you to
look at every stage of the process of acquiring customers -and keeping them.

The sales funnel is a marketing process where you take prospects through a number of steps to get them familiar with you and your products so they feel comfortable enough to purchase from you. The funnel is a metaphor that’s used to convey the various stages of the selling process. Sales funnels can be used with any type of business, but in this report, we’ll be
focusing on how to best implement them with internet marketing.
A sales funnel is a model that’s used to organize the whole process of selling, starting with lead generation to sales. The main advantage of using this model is that it forces you to focus on qualifying your prospects – identifying who is most likely to actually buy from you. That way,
you’re not just blindly advertising and trying to sell to people. Instead, you’re targeting your ideal customer, and not wasting undue resources (time, money) on trying to sell to people who aren’t really interested.
Picture a typical funnel that’s wider at the top and gradually narrows. You start off by having a
(hopefully) large number of prospects enter the top part of the funnel, and as the funnel narrows, there will be fewer people, but they’ll be increasingly likely to buy your product. The following are the usual stages of a sales funnel. We’ll be discussing all of these in more detail later on.
*** Traffic and Lead Generation
*** Communicating with your list
*** Making sales and Following up


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